Jeff Bezos, esteemed at a total assets of $109 billion, is known as one of the world’s most extravagant men.

The man drops some truly moving lines as well. How about we look into the cerebrum of this requesting, splendid, volatile man, with his best statements.

There could be hardly someone who does not know Jeff Bezos. Still, let me provide some background and other details of him.

We here and there fail to remember that Bezos likewise began Amazon, Amazon Web Services, Blue Origin and gained (among others) The Washington Post and Whole Foods.

En route, he figured out…

I am delighted to present another valuable story on — Introduction to AWS serverless. If you just started to learn AWS or you are already working with AWS cloud and want to get some idea on serverless, then this post is surely for you. If we both are on the same page then let’s get started without any further delay as following.

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As we all know that CIDR stands for Classless Inter-Domain Routing. But what more important is to understand it completely from the basic to advance and that also to be quick and easy to understand. If we are on the same page, follow me along with this post. Let’s get started! :)

Let’s start with the definition of CIDR and then we will go deeper into every aspect that you would need to know about it.

What is CIDR?

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